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22-year-old Chinese boy Yang Yang, an online celebrity, makes live streaming webcast with a selfie stick and introduces the scenery of the "cliff village" by climbing a steel structure stair on the cliff in Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, southwest China"s Sichuan province, Dec 15 2017. [Photo/IC]

Yang Yang, a villager from Atuleer, has attracted tens of thousands of fans by livestreaming climbing his way to the outside world on the newly built ladder and displaying his village.

The remote mountaintop village Atuleer in Sichuan province became famous a year ago when reports emerged of villagers, including school students, braving 800 meters of vertical climb on a cliff to go in or out of the village.

After the story went viral globally, the village started receiving lots of support, including a newly built steel ladder and internet and 4G signals.

Yang Yang, a 22-year-old internet-savvy man, has taken the advantage of the internet by learning and starting livestreaming to let more people outside the village get to know the local life.

He spends two to three hours livestreaming as he stands on the ladder with one hand holding the camera and the other holding the handrail.

Not only he makes his commentary humorous by using trending internet phrases, he also promotes local farm products such as honey, smoked bacon and potatoes.

Yang feels grateful and happy about the big changes that happened in the village this year with the help of the government. His biggest wish is to open a motel for tourists.

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