Chinese gov"t remains unwavering in opposing external interference in Hobrain braceletng Kong affairs: Ambassador

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Liu Xiaoming, China"s ambassador to the UK. [Photo/Agencies]

LONDON -- Chinese Ambassador to Britain Liu Xiaoming said Monday that the Chinese government remains determined in its opposition to any external forces" interference in Hong Kong affairs, urging those external forces to immediately stop interfering in Hong Kong affairs and China"s internal affairs.

Speaking at a press conference held at the Chinese embassy in London, Liu noted that Chinese President Xi Jinping made clear the Chinese government"s solemn position on the situation in Hong Kong recently during the 11th BRICS summit in Brazil.

Hong Kong"s top priority is to end violence and restore order, and the Chinese government will continue to firmly support the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) government under the leadership of the chief executive in governing Hong Kong in accordance with law, firmly support Hong Kong police in strict and rigorous enforcement of the law, and firmly support the judicial institutions of Hong Kong in bringing violent offenders to justice in accordance with law, Liu said.

The ambassador said the current situation in Hong Kong demonstrates that the nature of the issue is that extreme violent offenders have disrupted law and order in Hong Kong, and attempted to destabilize Hong Kong and undermine the practice of the "one country, two systems" policy.

Their activities are extreme, violent and illegal, Liu noted.

The ambassador said external forces that have indulged in and fanned violence in Hong Kong cannot absolve themselves of the responsibility for the recent escalation of violence in Hong Kong, adding that some Western countries have publicly supported the extreme violent offenders.

"We would like to tell these external forces solemnly that the Chinese government remains unwavering in its resolve to oppose any external interference in Hong Kong affairs. We urge these forces to immediately stop any form of interference in Hong Kong affairs and China"s internal affairs, and immediately stop condoning violent offences. Otherwise, they would lift the stone only to drop it on their own feet," Liu said.

A prosperous and stable Hong Kong under "one country, two systems" is in the interests of both China and the world, including Britain, said the ambassador.

There are 300,000 British citizens and more than 700 British companies in Hong Kong. Continued chaos in Hong Kong will bring nothing but harm to Britain, he noted.

The ambassador urged the British side to support the Hong Kong SAR government in ending violence, restoring order and upholding the rule of law, resist and oppose any remarks or actions that interfere in Hong Kong affairs, and do more things that are conducive to the prosperity and stability in Hong Kong, so that chaos will end as soon as possible.

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